Developments in Science and Technology have always been an essential part of the progress of all societies. This ever increasing importance of science has required on one side young scientists capable of innovation in a competitive knowledge–based society and on the other hand

scientifically literate citizens. A growing gap has gradually built between scientists and the public and this has resulted in an increasing drop of interest of people, particularly youngsters, towards science and technology.

This drop of interest is not without consequences: although Europe is aiming at a leadership position in the aeronautical industry, there are major concerns related to the capability of the educational system to provide the human resources to sustain the actual trend in development.

Current achievements in aeronautical research at EU level have benefited from a generation of engineers with a specific passion and dedication to this domain, formed from a very early stage in their education.

Children's drawingThe situation we have faced for some time now is very different from the past. A very limited number of young boys and girls are attracted towards engineering activities, including aeronautics. This is mainly due to the fact that aeronautical sciences are facing strong competition from other domains with higher attractiveness and impact due to new developments in the modern society. The implications of this educational trend are as follows: the number of students interested in aeronautical sciences is drastically decreasing and this will cause a reduction in the average level of European specialists, a resulting degradation of the qualification level of European engineers particularly in aeronautics, a loss of know-how in key domains and a resulting need to rely on non-European engineers in these essential domains, as a sequel, a significant step back to European industry in the high technology domains such as aeronautics, a degradation of the public perception of the field of aeronautics.

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