In order to improve the current situation, specific actions are needed at all levels in the educational process, starting from early stages up to universities. Joint actions at EU level are necessary in the global context of integration and harmonization of resources.

The project REStARTS creates structures that will link the Science teaching world with the Aeronautical Research organisations.

Children's drawingThe concept of REStARTS is to establish a well co-ordinated link between research organisations in aeronautical sciences and academia for sharing the know-how, dedicated research infrastructure, and the latest research results in order to improve the education of a new generation of engineers for the European aeronautics industry. The objective is to make a significant impact on the educational process and raise public awareness from a very early stage to the technological challenges in aeronautics.

The focuses of the activities are dedicated labs, where young students can benefit best from the research infrastructure and knowledge accumulated in complex research projects.

The partners of REStARTS are research and training establishments in Aerospace (VKI, CIRA, DLR and INCAS) which have considerable experience in aerodynamics and related areas. An educational partner, the School of Education University of Leicester, will ensure the accessibility and the impact of the resulting product for teachers and students.

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