Initiatives from research centres to communicate with young people and teachers are rare. Few national initiatives exists and a large amount of isolated researchers try to communicate through various media,

… The long-term objective of REStARTS is to establish a European platform, on the base of this pilot experience, that will result in teaching material on aeronautics. Beyond this pilot phase, we want to demonstrate the efficiency of school-labs to motivate young people and in particular girls towards aeronautics.

Deliverables consist in resources of written documentation and protocols for experiments for primary and secondary teachers. The reputation of research and training centres such as CIRA, INCAS, VKI, and DLR in terms of scientific research is already established, and it is clear that the scientific information they are going to provide will be a reference. The participation of experts in pedagogy, ULEIC, will guaranty that the REStARTS project will become the pilot for a process that will generate strong motivation towards aeronautics for a large number of children and students that will also lead to a better image in the public.

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Initiatives from research centres to communicate with young people... Read more..

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