REStARTS Workshop 2012

The REStARTS Workshop 2012 with Hanes Ross as guest was held at the Royal Military Academy of Brussels on 29th F.ebruary 2012.

REStARTS Workshop 2012
Wake up Europe! REStART loving Science
Collaboration between Aeronautical Scientists, Teachers and Young People.
Pilot Project!

Final workshop - Program

  • 1:30 PM Welcome
    Mario Carbonaro, Emeritus director VKI
  • 1:45 PM Introduction to the project
    Patricia Corieri, von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI), Belgium
  • 1:55 PM Keynote speaker – Solar Impulse
    Hannes Ross, Design Advisor of the Solar Impulse Team
  • 2:40 PM Introduction of the REStART participants
    Maarten Tas, University of Leicester (ULEIC), United Kingdom
  • 2:50 PM Introduction of ‘Paper Plane Challenge’  and  ‘In Touch with Science’
    Marika Belardo, CIRA, Italy
  • 2:55 PM ‘In Touch with Science’:  including demonstration of wind tunnel
  • 3:40 PM ‘Paper Plane Challenge’
    Frankie Mc Keon, University of Leicester (ULEIC), United Kingdom
  • 3:45 PM Results of the project 1 – short introduction on flight and noise module
    Claudia Dobre, INCAS, Romania; Patricia Corieri, VKI, Belgium; Judith Kokavecz, DLR, Germany
  • 4:15 PM Introduction and Videos of students working with resources and activities
    Marika Belardo and Giancarlo Giordano, CIRA, Italy
  • 4:45 PM Results of the project 2: Introduce the concept of school lab
    Anke Kovar and Judith kokavecz, DLR, Germany
  • 5:00 PM Results of the project 3: Evaluation of project
    Frankie Mc Keon and Maarten Tas, University of Leicester (ULEIC), United Kingdom
  • 5:10 PM Access REStARTS resources and introduction of REStARTS2
    Judith Kokavecz, DLR, Germany  and Patricia Corieri, VKI, Belgium
  •  5:20 PM Scientific Officer
    Eric Lecomte, European Commission



REStARTS highlighted during the Aerodays 2011

Visitors of Aerodays 2011 in Madrid showed a great interest in the Stand of REStARTS during the 3 days conference.

To illustrate the REStARTS project two young students, 17th year old, have demonstrate all the basics of Aeronautic the showing experiments on a scale-down, wind tunnel.


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